As an ethical travel agent, I assert the following to my clients:

  1. My agency will always apply your payment directly to your trip.
  2. My agency will always provide a detailed invoice and copy of the vendor’s client confirmation within 7 days of your payment.
  3. My agency will always require a credit card authorization form along with appropriate documentation as required by the vendor.  Otherwise, our written communications will serve as sufficient authorization for any purchases.
  4. My agency will always protect your personal information in every way reasonably possible.
  5. My agency will always provide you with the contact information for my host agency or agencies so you can verify my identity.
  6. My agency will always, upon your request, release any bookings directly to the vendor.
  7. My agency will always maintain all required licensing, legal, and contractual obligations as they pertain to my travel business.  I will provide you with said information upon your request.
  8. My agency will never represent itself as a travel insurance expert.  I will offer you general information and a copy of the proposed policy for your review.  I will direct you to the proposed insurer for detailed information.
  9. My agency will, in all communications and advertisements, convey the Seller of Travel Numbers of my host agency so long as my contract with them is valid, and I have not breached any contractual or legal obligations.
  10. My agency will always provide you with accurate information regarding my experience and training.
  11. My agency will endeavor to direct you to the following resources in the event of a mishap in our business interactions:
    • Please email me and call me using the contact information that I provided to you at the time of our booking regarding any issues you may have. (For the sake of clarity, please be sure to save this contact information for the sake of clarity, as will I.)
    • If I fail to respond within 14 days of a financial transaction, please contact the following:
      • Me, as I may have just missed an email or voice mail
      • My host
      • The attorney general and/or any additional appropriate governing bodies of the state where my agency conducts business
      • Better Business Bureau
  1. My agency will address any issues or concerns regarding any transaction with all relevant documentation within seven days of a client’s request.
  2. My agency will maintain current (within seven days of change) contact information including current legal name, address, email, phone, and other necessary personally identifiable information with my host and any local, state, administrative bodies, and/or federal entities as required by law, policy, or contractual obligation.