About Our CGT Signature Group Trips

My vision for Church Girls Travel is to connect with Christian women who want to travel internationally but prefer to do it from the comfort and security that comes from having other people you’re comfortable with coming along for the journey. I call it Going Solo, Together!

Group Trip Details

CGT Signature Group Trips are designed to allow you a great degree of flexibility in what you do once you’re in-country. There may be times when the entire group does the same thing and other times where some members branch off to do one thing and others are doing something else. Flexibility and personalization are key. We want everyone to return home having the experiences that are most important to them.

Before booking one of our group trips, here are some thing you need to know:

  • Groups will have between 10 and 20 people.
    • Note: Each travel provider that we work with defines what a group is for them so we must accommodate their requirements when planning the group size.
  • A trained CGT Trip Captain will accompany each group trip to ensure everything goes smoothly. In the event of any issues, the Trip Captain will be there to assist. 
  • The trip page and accompanying PDF contains all the details about each trip – dates, locations, lodging, activities, schedules, visa needs, payment options, deposit requirements, etc.
  • Flights – ?
  • CGT delivers travel experiences for those practicing a conservative Christian lifestyle and may not be suitable for travelers looking for certain types of activities such as drinking, clubbing, smoking, gambling, nude beaches, etc. If you are looking to do these activities you would probably not enjoy yourself on a CGT trip.
  • A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required to reserve your spot on any CGT group trip. Payment plans are available. Failure to remain current on the payment plan can result in you being removed from the trip and forfeiting any past payments made.
  • For travelers booking a trip after the original deposit deadline, the deposit will be the original deposit amount plus any payments due based on the payment plan.
    • Example – $250 deposit was due March 1st with monthly payments of $150. If you were to book this trip on May 15th, your deposit will be $250 (original deposit) + $150 (April) + $150 (May) = $550 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit would be do at the time of booking on May 15th to reserve a spot on the trip.