Church Girls Travel is about designing life-enriching travel experiences for Christian women who want to travel the globe within the safety of a small group and with people who get you.

Spend any time on Instagram it looks like just about everybody’s is traveling and documenting their travels with photos. You really want to explore what life is like beyond our own 48 states but you don’t know where to begin planning such an excursion and you’re not sold on the idea of going by yourself.

There’s also your love-giving & life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ which informs every aspect of your life. You’re just not sure if the other group trips you’ve seen really get how important that is to you. We Get It…We get it because we are also under theinfluece of His great love for us!

CGT was born to fill our mutual need to see God’s creation firsthand. To set foot on foreign soil, to experience life in other cultures, to expand our idea of community, and to engage with other Christians around the globe.

Let’s be clear – our trips are not mission trips. There are some fine organizations who manage those types of trips far better than we could. Our trips are 100% pleasurecation (yes we made that up!) pleasure + education.

It’s a BIG world…..Let’s get out there!